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Stuffed Toys
Item ID Name
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7 Mickey and Minnie Plush
Description:   Perfect condition! Like new! Mickey with a winter hat and Minnie in a cute red with white poka dot dress and bow.

9 Stuffed animals
Description:   Lots of fun animals here! The bug says, You bug me!, Go Bug somebody else!, Bahh Hum Bug! Snowman says, I'mmmmm mmmelttting!, Turn down the heat! The little puppy with pink bows sighs. The purple lamb is from the Threads Collection.

286 Light green soft bunny toy! BIG
Description:   Nice big soft and fluffy, light green color with pretty ribbon around neck. Nearly New. in new condition!

289 Stuffed Orange Bear, Like New condition!
Description:   Nice soft Orange teddy bear. In new condition!

290 White and Burgandy Teddy . Like new!
Description:   Nice white teddy with Soft Burgandy body and inside ears. Like New!
Think Christmas!

291 Soft White Teddy in American Flag Sweater
Description:   Isn't he adorable?
He is wearing a sweater with the American Flag on the front.