Mom's Corner

HELP!!! - Myra - 10/2/2002
Does anyone know what to do about a child that does not grasp quickly?
Here is my trouble.
My older child has waited until my second born was ready to start school. Now they are both learning together. Only thing is that my oldest isn't as quick in his phonics, and is feeling awkward. I don't want him feeling like a failure, and if there is anything that I can do to help I want to. His problem is letter recognition. He remembers the letters and sounds that we have been going through, but he doesn't know which is the letter or which is the sound, then he forgets what the letter looks likt that the name and sound go to. It is like he is trying too hard and stresswing, so his brain gets tired. He is feeling badly because the younger one is flying through his school, and even wants to get ahead, yet I am afraid that if I let him do it my oldest will be hurt and want to give up. Honestly I don't blame him, but if there is anything that anyone knows of that I can do I would appreciate it.
Thank you!