Mom's Corner

Message baord is running... I see Janis already found it! Hi Janis! - Sarah Hill - 9/22/2002
I can see that someone found that the message board is now working!
Thank you for leaving a message Janis! I know someone who may want to meet you. Her name is Lisa. She has two girls who are wanting to meet friends online too. Let me know if you are interested! I am pretty sure that Lisa and her girls are...

Anyhow! Anyone else interested in meeting other mothers online? If so drop a note!

Enjoy this board as much as you can. I will check on things every once in a while, but we are still very busy trying to get things working on the web site, so it may not be an all the time thing.

Email us with any questions, and I will answer them in the order they come. Thank you for visiting!