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Sales Avaliable!!!

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If you would like to post your items:

1. Register or log in ( Registeration is only necessary for selling at this time and will be for buying as well (In the future) in order to keep track of feedback, which is for the safety of both buyer and seller.)

(In registration, don't forget to name your sale for the garage sale page!)

2. Pick your sale type from options in the box provided.

3. Click on New Item to put your items on your page.

4. Use the categories already listed in the category for posting your items in your user sale page, this will enable your items to be automatically sent to the other pages on our web. (If you run out of category descriptions that fit your item at the end of going through each category, feel free to type in a 1-2 word category in the last blank with the NEW button that is avaliable. .) Scroll down to see Example Chart ..

5. After adding items, you can then add pictures, by editing your Item.

All sales are free. Donations appreciated to keep this site running.

If you have any questions or comments, feel free to write to



When you add items to your sale page

 you will automatically receive a personalized link to your page.

On your Sale Page, add an html counter!!!


 If there is an item you have listed

and you want it viewed in a page other than the Garage Sale page  

(and you do not see a page specificly for it),

 E-mail us and we will do what we can.




Using Categories when posting items:

Example of an Abeka educational video:

Please try using our existing categories for your item. Use NEW category buttons only if you do not see a category that best fits your item, or if categories stop and you feel you need more description. When creating new categories, limit the category name to 1-2 words. Otherwise your item may not load properly. Please be courtious to other users and do not create obscene or bothesome category names, titles, or list any such items.


 Category 1 School/Education

Category2 Curriculum

 Category 3 Abeka

(If you need to go on and Category 4 Is blank, just click the NEW button and create VIDEOS) Now Category 4 is Videos





How to add your HTML Counter?



1. Log In to your user account.

2. Click Update Account Information.

3. Place your Counter Code in then Counter Code box.

(Look toward the bottom of the page for the counter code box.)

(If you do not have a counter and would like one, Andale has free counters.)

After this is done, go to your Sale Page and at the top you will see your counter.

Happy Counting!





Adding Pictures!


Have you posted your item and wonder how to post your pictures?

Pictures from camera! After you post your item you can click Edit Item,

and when you get into the edit page you will see a place that says Add Picture.

The Add Picture space you will click on then attach your jpg or jpeg attachment of your picture from your computer to the email provided.

Please change nothing on this page or your picture will not process correctly.

If you are using a URL for your picture you can use the space provided on the page that says

Picture Name:(URL allowed).

Let us know if you have any troubles!




If you do not see your Page name in the

 Sale Pages Section...


After you post at least one item in your sale page,

 your page name should show in the sale pages section of AT.

If you do not see your personal page name up in this section and it is only displayed as Stars,

then you need to go back into your user sale page and Update your account information.

Once you are there, just scroll down to the space provided for you to type in your Personal Page Name, then click update at the bottom of the page.

 Once this is finished you can go see your name in your sale!






If you have any questions that are not listed here, Please write to us at:





If you like what you see on our website,

 please pass the word on to other you know.

 Word of mouth is the best way others will find out site at this time,

and we would appreciate the help!

Remember! We are still working on features to add to this website,

so continue to check back and see what else is in store!

Thank you!